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This is the third of the WWI Modeling List's Great WWI Model Cookup Projects. It will run from July 6, 2001 to July 11, 2001. Listmembers will be contributing photos and text on their builds of Nieuport aircraft models. The Cookup Project is open to the members of the WWI Modeling List.

Due to the extraordinarily boring and tasteless schemes used on French Nieuports, it is recommended that models be built with color schemes and markings from other countries. Additionally, due to the inherent inferiority of 1/72 scale, it is also recommended that models be in the proper and manly scale of 1/48. All entered will however be accepted, even 1/72 French Nieuports.

French camouflage update - Lance Kreig

Nieuport 47mm cannon

British Nieuport Scouts

Nieuport Triplane - Ray Boorman

Nieuport wings - Marc Flake

Nieuport IX - Prof Doktor Hertz van Rental

Nieuport 17 of Werner Voss - Volker Haeusler

Nieuport 17 - Steve Perry

Nieuport 17 - Eduard 1/72 - Hans Trauner

Nieuport 18bis - Mike Muth

Nieuport 26 - Mike Fletcher

Italian Nie. 27 by Dennis Ugulano

New Nieuport 28 Kit Box Art

Nieuport 28 Glencoe 1/48 - Marc Flake

Nieuport 28 - Revell 1/28 - Pedro Soares