Dicta Ira

Neiuport 28
Glencoe 1/48

By: Marc Flake

Here are some shots of my Glencoe Neiuport 28 using the markings for 1st Lt. Ralph O'Neal because he used a "shark mouth" theme on his cowling. As I am building a collection of "shark mouth" aircraft, this was a natural selection. It also has a cute Cairn Terrier for the squadron insignia (I own a Cairn for a pet).

I did a little detailing. I used some Evergreen strip styrene to lay in the cockpit framing and some .008-inch guitar string for the bracing wires. I used the kit floor and seat, but drilled out some lightening holes in the seatback. The kit's control stick was replaced by an Aeroclub part -- same with the engine and guns.

This was my first 1/48 scale OT aircraft and I beleive I am now a convert. I can actually see what I've created without having to get out a 100x magnifying glass. No more dinkies for me, by golly.