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Nieuport Wings Essay

By: Marc Flake

No Nieuport Cookup would be complete without an essay on the upper wing of the 11 and 17. Much bandwidth has been used on the WW1 Modeling forum discussing this particular issue, so I thought a few illustrations might clarify matters.

First up is the Nieuport 11, which is supposed to have a very sweptback wing. First, look at the drawing from the Motorbooks Inernational Aircraft Archive series. This is an Ian Stair drawing. Next, look at the top wings from three different kits. From top to bottom you have 1/72 Toko, 1/48 SMER and 1/48 Eduard.

Next is the Nieuport 17 top wing. This is also supposed to have a sweep. Here's the Aircraft Archive drawing by Mr. Stair. Compare that with the plastic from (top to bottom) 1/72 Revell, 1/48 Testors and 1/48 Eduard.

I believe it is very evident the amount of work that is necessary to produce accurate sweeps in recreating both aircraft.

I would welcome any comments from other Nieuport enthusiasts, my only regret is that Monsieur Bittner will not be able to provide his comments.