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French camouflage update

By: Lance Kreig

And here's a recent piece of news that I got at LeBourget on my trip last month, that is sure to please Matt:

According to recently discovered material in the Archives of the Historical section, the famed 5-color French camouflage of 1918, which was discussed at length by Hastings et al. in Project Butterfly.... is completely wrong!

In fact, these newly found French documents reveal that the colors employed were derived from a captured Albatros in 5-color lozenge. Instead of two greens, two browns, and a black, these 5 colors should correspond to the mustard, 2 greens, mauve, and blue of the German fabric.

Work has already started to repaint the museum's SPAD 13, and they will tackle the Breguet 14 next. Any modeller who has made a N.28, SPAD, MoS AI, Hanriot.... better start getting out his German colors!