Dicta Ira

Dicta Ira

One of the basic tenets of the WW1 Modelling List is that you have fun with your hobby. The term "Dicta Ira" comes from Ira who always sign his posts with "Have fun".

So in line with that we present the lighter side of modelling:

This cookup showed how much resident Nieuportphile Matt Bittner is held in esteem - we like him so much, that we hosted a fake Cookup just to stir him up when he went on holidays, just so he couldn't enter it.

Full credit goes to the following pransksters for coming up with the idea:
Steve Perry & Diego Fernetti

Modelling terminology

Diego Fernetti's Sopwith cartoons

Diego Fernetti's Albatros cartoons

Name the Pilot of the Albatros Project's Mascot