Dicta Ira

Modelling and WWI Terminology

Modeling Terminology

  • Dicta Ira : A list member signs each email with "Have Fun." Dicta Ira is to follow the dictum of having fun first always.
  • Braille Scale : The name 1/48 scale modelers call 1/72 scale model kits (you go blind building the 1/72 scale kits) as well as the name 1/72 scale modelers call 1/48 scale kits (you have to be blind to build it).
  • Balloon Scale : The name 1/72 scale modelers call 1/48 scale model kits.
  • Toe Scale : The name Matt Bittner calls 1/24 and 1/28 scale kits.

  • Magazine Article Review Terminology

    What the reviewers really mean;

  • 'One for the experienced modeller' : I couldnt build the darn thing.

  • 'Ideal for the beginner' - Even I could build this !!

  • 'WW1 Enthusiasts will love this' - Yeah, only them, and we know what loonies they are.

  • 'It will help if you've a few kits under your belt' - one for the experienced modeller.

  • 'A difficult model' - I REALLY couldn't build the darn thing and had to get my 8 year old to finish it.

  • 'A difficult model. Thank **** for the review sample' - YOU mongrel !! Why did you send this to me? I hate you all!!

  • ' An excellent kit from Merlin' - I've been drinking.

  • 'Getting the ***** properly attached is a little tricky' - Grow some extra arms

  • 'The lozenge decal colors are a little off' - They could be used for a circus tent!

  • 'A complete interior is provided' - You can't see a thing once the upper wing is on.

  • 'There is some disagreement about the exact markings' - 'Yellow!' 'No, Olive Drab!' 'My seconds will be in touch with yours!'

  • 'The markings are based on interpretation of the best known information' - One fuzzy picture with this plane somewhere in the background.

  • 'The trailing edges on the model are a little thick' - They're two-by-fours.

  • 'This is a good choice for a first vacu-form kit' - And a tonsillectomy is a good choice for a first self-operation.

  • 'A fret of very nice PE detail parts is provided that really perk up the model' - The plastic parts are rough and expect to lose half the parts to the black hole in your work area.