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Sopwith Pup

The elegant Sopwith Pup was a design much beloved by pilots which flew it, one of the descriptions of the Pups handling being, "it was so light to the touch, if you sneezed, you looped". The Pup despite being underpowered with an 80 Hp LeRhone Rotary engine, having light construction and a slow firing Vickers, it was one of the few aircraft of the period that could compete with the German Albatros Scout on equals terms in early 1917. The Pup was used by both the RFC and the RNAS on the Western Front before being replaced by Sopwith Camels as they became available. Later in 1918 and 1919, Sopwith Pups were used in trials on HMS Ark Royal(??) developing technologies that would become the basis for the modern Aircraft Carrier.


1/72 Airfix Sopwith Pup, Injection Moulded

1/48 Flashback Sopwith Navy Pup, Injection Moulded
1/48 Eduard Sopwith Pup, Injection Moulded


Sopwith Pup C272 - Steve Schofield Airfix 1/72
Performance Figures for the Sopwith Pup


Tomasz - 1/48 Eduard Sopwith Pup in Robert Little's N5182 Markings.
Mark Miller - 1/48 Eduard Sopwith Pup.
Tom Plesha - Captured Sopwith Pup - Eduard 1/48
Ernest 'Heretic' Thomas - 1/48 Eduard Sopwith Pup, Checkerboard.

Museum aircraft

Champlin Fighter Pilots Museum, Tempe, AZ, USA
Owls Head Transportation Museum, Rockland, Maine, USA