News and Updates

April 2nd, 2004: Revamped the AFV BBQ section and added new Museum pics, plus Steve Cox's 1/72 Emhar Medium Tank A build.

December 25th: Mark Shannon's 1/48 Bohme's Albatros C.III, Hippel's D.V, Voss's D.III and Jacobsen's D.III added.

October 11: Updated Neil Crawford's article on the Sopwith Schneider Racer
New Museum images uploaded for the Sopwith Baby, Sopwith Triplane & Albatros D.Va

June 26: Updated the Albatros Mascot naming page
Added article on a captured Sopwith Pup by Tom Plesha
Added scans of the following kits: Airfix 1/72 Sopwith Pup, Eastern Express Sopwith Snipe, Flashback Sopwith
1 1/2 Strutter and Flashback Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter (Bomber version)

April 28: Updated the Albatros Mascot naming page
Added article on Fairings by Steve Perry to Albatros modelling hints
Added scans of the following 1/72 Pegasus kits: Albatros D.II - D.II, D.III, D.III (OEF), D.Va and W.4 to their appropiate sections courtesy of Brian Nicklas.

Feb 22: Uploaded Witold Kozakiewicz's Toko Sopwith Strutter, Albatros D.II (OEF) Intro by Grzegorz Mazurowski, Sopwith Schieder intro and Eduard 1/72 Schnieder by Neil Crawford and added a new page for Mark Miller's Albatros D.V profiles

Feb 07: Uploaded Steve Schofield's Sopwith Pup C272 to the Sopwith Cookup

Dec 11, 2001: The AFV BBQ relocates here

Dec 01, 2001: The Cookups go live again after relocating to a new host - let the building begin anew. All sections require content and contributions.

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