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Other Sopwiths

  • 1913 - Sopwith D1 Three seat Biplane.
  • 1913/14 - Sopwith Batboat Type 2, (The Joystick model is a 1a the type 2 is larger) Biplane Flying Boat.
  • 1913 - Sopwith HT Seaplane, Biplane/Floatplane Inline engine HT=Hydro Tractor. Several types one of which was entered in the Circuit of Britain.
  • 1913 - Sopwith Tabloid, Single seat biplanes More than one type (SS1 SS3 Type R ????).
  • 1913/14 - Sopwith Sociable or Churchill, Enlarged tabloid multi seat side by side hence the name.
  • 1913/14 - Sopwith SPGn, Sopwith Pusher Gun Carrier may also have been the Sopwith Gunbus.
  • 1914 - Sopwith Type 137 Seaplane Biplane.
  • 1914 - Sopwith Spinning Jenny or Two Seat Scout Landplane version of the Folder.
  • 1914/15 - Sopwith Type 860 Seaplane, Large two seat Seaplane.
  • 1915 - Sopwith Sigrists Bus, Said to be the ancestor of the 1 1/2 Strutter.
  • 1915 - SLTBP Sopwith Light tractor Biplane, One of the Ancestors of the Pup. May also have been called the Sparrow
  • 1917 - Sopwith Bee, One of Harry Hawkers runabouts, diminutive biplane 50hp Gnome.
  • 1916 - Sopwith Hispano triplane, Larger than a Clerget triplane.
  • 1916 - Sopwith LRTTr Long Range tractor triplane, Ugly looking plane would be great as a scratchbuild - Hispano powered.
  • 1917 - Sopwith B1 and B2, Large single seat Hispano powered biplane Bombers ancestors of the T1 Cuckoo.
  • 1918 - Sopwith Scooter single seat monoplane Camel, Runabout used by Harry Hawker.)
  • 1918 - Sopwith Swallow Military development of the Scooter.
  • 1918 - Sopwith Dragon, Unsuccessful Dragonfly engined Snipe.
  • 1918 - Sopwith TF1, ground attack Camel conversion.
  • 1918 - Sopwith Buffalo, two seat ground attack aircraft. The Sopwith Buffalo was a two bay, armoured two seater ground attack aircraft powered by a 230 Hp Bentley Rotary. Despite operational trial in October of 1918, the type was too late for active service, only two of the type were built.
  • 1917 - Sopwith 3F2 Hippo, Two seat negative stagger biplane. Looks like a rotary engined Dolphin with rear gunner.
  • 1917/18 - Sopwith 2FR2 Bulldog, Two seater looks like a Snipe another great looking aircraft.
  • 1917 - Sopwith 2B2 Rhino, Another triplane. two seater inline engine.
  • 1918 - Sopwith 8F1 Snail, ABC Radial engine (Wasp) Single seater.
  • 1918 - Sopwith Snark, ABC Dragonfly engined Triplane. Single seater.
  • 1918 - Sopwith Snapper Biplane, ABC engined Single seater.
  • 1918 - Sopwith Cobham Triplane, Llong range twin engined bomber (DH10 - Vimy Sized). Problem was ABC engines again.
  • 1918 - Sopwith Atlantic, Built for the unsuccessful Daily Mail transatlantic flight by Hawker and Mackenzie-Grieve.
  • 1919 - Sopwith Gnu, Postwar built for passengers and freight single engined staggered wing biplane.
  • 1919 - Sopwith Wallaby, Similar to the Atlantic built for the prize for the first Australian to fly home from Europe.
  • 1919 - Sopwith Antelope, Wallaby development to carry passengers and freight.
  • 1919 - Sopwith Grasshopper, Two seat tourer, Radial engined looks similar to the Camel with two bay wings.
  • 1919 - Sopwith Schneider / Rainbow. Same aircraft Schneider was a floatplane built for the Schneider trophy, renamed Rainbow in landplane form. Looks like a Bullet with baby wings and floats as far as I can see anyway.


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