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Sopwith Dolphin

The Sopwith Dolphin was a break with the traditional Sopwith style of design in many ways. The Dolphin used the powerful inline engine, the Hispano-Suiza. The same engine that was used in the SE5a and the French Spad. The Dolphin also had slightly back staggered wings and the pilot sat with his head through a gap between the top wings. This caused some fear on the pilots neck being broken in a crash but also gave excellent all round and unrestricted view. The aircraft maintained high performance at high altitude, such as heights above 18,000 feet and was often used in the high altitude interceptor role by the four operational RAF Squadrons equipped with the type.


1/72 Czechmaster Sopwith Dolphin, Resin
1/72 Pegasus Sopwith Dolphin, Injection Moulded
1/72 Veeday Sopwith Dolphin, Injection Moulded

1/48 Blue Max Sopwith Dolphin, Multi-media
1/48 Copper State Models Sopwith Dolphin, Multi-media (Resin, wht. metal, pe, decals)
1/48 Waldo Sopwith Dolphin Resin/White metal


Kit Review and Build of the 1/48 BM Dolphin. by Bob Laskodi


Charlie Duckworth - 1/48 Blue Max Sopwith Dolphin.
Craig Gavin - 1/72 Pegasus Sopwith Dolphin.
Witold Kozakiewicz - 1/48 Blue Max Sopwith Dolphin.

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