Dicta Ira

Albatros W.4
Pegasus 1/72

By Richard Eaton

This is an injected kit from the Pegasus Line. It is one of their better moldings. I decided to build pretty much OOB. Excellent thin wings and struts. Fuseslage has good detail as well. I seem drawn beyond reason to purchase every one of the Pegasus line as they appear. They are a tad costly but were state of the art until the TOKOs of the world arrived on the scene. Chris's later kits are just gems. Tried my hand with water color pencils to simulate plywood for the first time. I used Shane's down under technique as supplied by our benevolent list.

The Albatros W4 pictures and text are mirrored from http://home.austin.rr.com/reaton/w4.htm

Richard Eaton - Early War Aeroplanes.