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National Air and Space Museum Albatros "Stropp"

National Air and Space Museum is located in Washington D.C, USA. It is believed the Stropp Albatros DVa was operational with Jasta 46 before being captured and displayed in Texas. The aircraft became part of the national Air and Space Museum in 1950.

Brian Nicklas of the National Air and Space Museum recently posted that the NASM websites page for "Stropp" got a revision on 07/07/00. The page now shows cockpit views of Stropp including top, left and right as well as radiator details. The views are the same as in the Bob Mikesh book on Stropp.


Here are two shots of the fuselage and tail section of the "Stropp" D.V that I took at the Silver Hill restoration facility in summer of 1971. The original finish is still visible, but very weathered and dirty. The photos were taken with a half-frame camera (Olympus Pen F) in available light - a mixture of daylight from the open doors and flourescent worklights overhead, so what you see is the best you'll get from these shots.
Photographs courtesy Ed Schaller.

Photographs taken 1999, courtesy Cameron Riley.