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Albatros Camouflage

By: Dan-San Abbott


Two years age I completed a study of finishing schemes used by the Albatros Werke, it's subsidiaries, and the license builders of Albatros designs. Simply put All Albatros D.II machines, all Alb.D.III machines through serial number D.2309/16 were camouflaged in three colors and their upper surfaces, pale whitish green, dark olive green and venetian red. there were about six pattern variations. the under surfaces were sky blue. Commencing with the production series D.650-640/17 and D.750-799/17 the venetian red was eliminated with the upper surfaces camouflaged in pale whitish greenand dark olive green. the under surfaces were sky blue. The fuselages on all Albatros built Alb. D.II and Alb. D.III were shellaced and varnished resulting in a straw yellow color. wheel covers were sky blue. All struts, cowlings, louvres, access doors, footstep and fvarious fitting were pale greenish grey. The camouflage was sprayed not brushed, edges of joining colors were soft.

I hope this will be help.

Article courtesy of Dan-San Abbott, World War1 Aviation Documentation Services.