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Albatros D.Va Cockpit Profiles

By: Mark Miller

Albatros DVa Cockpit Part I

I've focused on cockpit details over the past month. The individual parts are fairly easy to make but there are a lot of them and it can be time consuming. My next goal is to finish the fuse assembly at which time I could justify spending more time on generating final renderings. Parts remaining are: Machine guns, ammunition boxes, seat, compass, metal fairings around the engine and front, and an untold number of details which I haven't identified yet and may or may not take the time to model. I'm sure I will not be done with the entire plane by the end of September, but I should be able to complete the fuse. And maybe I can get the outer surfaces of the wings modeled and mapped so that I can render an external view.

The cockpit is difficult to show clearly because the parts get in each other's way. I don't think the images below are optimal, But I am pretty happy with the image (albck1.jpg) that has the ghosted superstructure. It shows all the cockpit details and the wooden superstructure without hiding anything. To generate the image I made two renderings and placed them in different layers in Adobe PhotoShop. Then it was a simple matter to adjust the transparencies to make the final image. Pretty neat trick - I will definitely use it when I'm ready for final rendering. The other option is to make a cutaway, which is the traditional solution.

Albatros DVa Cockpit Part II - Stereoscopic

Stereo Images : I've included more stereo images this time because I think they give the viewer a better understanding of how everything goes together. I've always considered 3-d images to be sort of silly or gimmicky, but in this case I think they have some real value. Notice that I have included a "normal" and sterio image for each of the views. If you want to view the images you need 3-d glasses with the left eye red and right eye blue.


Albatros DVa Cockpit Part III

Albatros DVa Cockpit Part IV

Profiles courtesy of and copyright Mark Miller.