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Albatros D.I

The Albatros firm created this biplane as a replacement for the outdated monoplane fighters like the Fokker and Pfalz that by the end of 1916 were surpassed by more advanced allied designs, like the Airco DH2 or the Nieuport sesquiplane fighters. Albatros made an airplane of classic features, with a plywood fuselage, equal-span biplane wings, single bay and featuring a threstle cabane structure like some of the contemporary two seaters of the same firm. It was armed with two synchronised machine guns behind the propeller. The D.I guided the design philosophy of the next generation of german fighter airplanes.

This new weapon coincided with the reorganization of the structure of the German air service into specialized units and the creation of Jagdstaffels or hunting squadrons.It was natural that these units would were equipped with the new fighter, but just around fifty machines were put into operational service until a new and improved Albatros fighter was produced, ironing some of the disadvantages of this pioneer design.

1/72 kits 1/48 kits
Pegasus 1/72 Albatros DI & DII

Ed Schaller - 1/72 D.I, undecided

Technical Specifications of the Albatros D.I Scout