MkIV Male Tank
Emhar 1/72

Cameron Riley

This 1/72 Emhar MkIV was a fun build! I picked the kit up to try out some weathring and dry brushing techniques. As to the build, there are some seams and I couldnt get the tracks to sit in a couple of places, but that was overshadowed by the fun I had weathering it with pastels, and dry brushing over the details. There wasnt much to challenge the build process, it is pretty much as it looks, about 10 box parts which go together quite quickly. I also was looking for the wheels for the tracks to rest on. Tanks have wheels right? Not on this kit! I did it in grey as I read carefully the 1/35 build of Richard Eatons and the 1/72 female build of Matt Bittners on Internet Modeler , they did theirs green and brown respectively. Euro Grey was the base colour chosen in an attempt to simulate dirty battleship grey. I am very happy with this model, despite the fact that the I put the sponsons on upside down (doh!). I had a tonne of fun building this kit and getting it to the finished model.